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Full-service virtual event solutions for nonprofits

Full-Service Livestream and Virtual Fundraisers for Nonprofit Organizations

Our team becomes your team when you work with Zeacon. No matter what stage you are at in the fundraiser planning process, we meet you where you are. From beginning stages of ideation, to digital marketing and PR, curation and production, implementation, and post fundraiser ROI analysis, Zeacon does it all. Curious if we can do it? Ask our team today.

Nonprofit Case Study

Learn how Zeacon transformed a Covid-canceled annual fundraiser into a hugely successful virtual gala that raised 3.5X what was expected at a fraction of the cost.

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Research and development on the current market, trends, competitors, and KPIs

Putting together partners and component pieces to formulate a plan based on the findings and goals during  ideation

Execution of the plan created in the earlier stages

Analyze achieved metrics against benchmarked KPIs to iterate and drive future success

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"We were very fortunate that there was an initial relationship with Zeacon and to be able to work with this group, with this company, on the boxes and on the live stream has been a godsend. To be able to immediately pivot to a group who knew how to do this for us and were interested, engaged, and supported our mission, it was amazing. We are very grateful for that partnership."

– Ben Haywood, Executive Director, Bellevue Arts Museum

"Zeacon recorded professional videos for us, edited those videos, helped us with our digital marketing for the event, handled all the day of logistics, executed the live stream, and supported us as well to deliver over 150 dinner packages all across the Seattle area so that on the day-of the event we were all truly coming together in the same time and space and really celebrating the organization and the mission. My favorite part of working with Zeacon was having access to all of their in-house experts because each member of their team really has this unique expertise whether it is television broadcasting, event planning, or digital marketing."

Certified Minority-Owned Business

– Elena Lynch, Development Manager, Friends of the 

Children - Seattle

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